Kickstarter - Week #1 Update
By Dakota S

First of all I want to thank everyone who has continued to show support for our project! After one week we've managed to reach $1,734 of our $15,000 goal along with many others following our project on social media. We could not be more proud of the vision that we are bringing to market and your support is what drives us to do more. Keep reading below to check out some more of what the Smith Board Co team has been up to. 


  • Posted regularly on social media platforms
  • Reached out to partners to plug project
  • Adjusted google ads to target narrower keyword group
  • Updated list of relevant google search keywords
  • Created new Meta ads campaign based off initial audience
  • Updated Meta ads spend to be more efficient
  • Updated Google ads spend to be more efficient


  • Screened an additional two hard goods suppliers
  • Developed sales model and projected required inventory for 2023
  • Expanded list of requirements from suppliers
  • Screened initial list of soft goods suppliers


  • Refined pillars of Innovation for future innovation direction
  • Kicked off innovation design cycle 

"Build Your Board"

  • Developed "Build Your Board" customer journey
  • Started drafting the "Build Your Board" wireframe

The entire Smith Board Co team wants to thank each and every one of our supporters who have contributed or our following our project! Check back soon for more updates to the project. 

- The Smith Board Co Team