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Your adventure with Smith Board Co. starts the day your board is delivered to your doorstep. Our 100 Day Risk-Free Trial ensures that if you decide the board isn't the perfect fit for you within the first 100 days, we’ll take care of the pickup and issue a full refund. (Pretty cool, huh?)

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wake surf
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Advanced Engineering.

Simulated under a number of conditions to ensure our wakesurf boards will perform under any condition. Experience unparalleled control with a board designed to respond precisely to your commands.

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Custom Crafted in the USA.

Benefit from the unrivaled quality of our USA-crafted boards, made by experts with over 30 years of experience—reliable performance guaranteed, worry-free.


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Happy Customers

I was a total beginner at wake surfing, but the Newton made it so easy to learn. I was able to manuever and control the board with ease and was up and riding waves in no time! I'm so glad I got this board, it's the perfect way to enjoy the water!

Tyana Medema

The Board is incredible. Light, maneuverable and fun!

Jim Whitworth

Board has been great so far! It has to be the lightest board I have ever surfed and despite it being on the bigger side it still was able to carve and ride like a skim board.

Hayden Johnson

Love the rideability of the board! Nice speed and carving is out of this world

Veda Magagna

Just starting out in wakesurfing, I found the Achimedes board to be incredibly beginner-friendly. It was super stable and I was able to get up for the first time on it

Lucy Hickox