Our Mission
Smith Board Co originated from the realization that the existing wakesurf board industry lacks progress. A glance at the leading brands reveals a recurring pattern of stagnant designs year after year. While there may be occasional changes in graphics or new professional endorsements, true innovation and engineering advancements are noticeably absent.
Our mission at Smith Board Co is to eliminate equipment limitations, thereby enabling everyone to freely pursue their passions. We aspire to facilitate memorable experiences on the water, where you can have your best day with friends and family. After all, we firmly believe that each day spent on the water should be filled with enjoyment and fulfillment. We aim to make that a reality through our commitment to innovation and quality.
“...the existing wakesurfboard industry lacks progress.”
Dakota Smith

How We're Going To Make It Happen

At Smith Board Co, we prioritize personalization because we firmly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wakesurf boards. In contrast to other wakesurf brands that adopt a generic approach, we recognize the uniqueness of each rider and the demand for customization in today's era.
To address this, we've developed our proprietary 'Build Your Board™' tool, a first of its kind in the industry. This tool allows riders to personalize their boards, ensuring that the end product is not only a reflection of their style but also perfectly tailored to their riding preferences. We believe that each board should be as unique as the individual who rides it, and our approach to customization aims to bridge this gap.
Additionally, we are steadfast in our commitment to innovation. Our founding team comprises engineers with decades of combined experience. Their expertise is brought to the forefront in every board we design and produce, promising a continuous evolution of superior performance and advanced features. With every new release, we pledge to introduce innovative attributes that ensure our boards surpass their predecessors in performance and design.
In short, at Smith Board Co, personalization and innovation are not just buzzwords; they are the guiding principles that fuel our mission to provide the best wakesurf boards in the market.