What makes Smith Board Co different?

We're doing things different here at Smith Board Co in two major ways.

The first is by providing a personalized approach to wakesurf boards. Not everyone is built the same or rides the same and their board should reflect that. Our Build Your Board process ensures that your surfing the best board for you so that you can have your best day out on the water.

The second major way that we are different is in our approach to innovation. Look at most boards on the market today and if you didn't have a logo on them you wouldn't be able to tell a difference. They're all the same. Every board manufacturer is ok with the status quo but not Smith Board Co. We are building continuous innovation into our product cycle so that our boards are constantly getting better. No one wants to surf something that's outdated. In short we like to think of ourselves as an engineering company that happens to make wakesurf boards.

Which board is right for me?
We have at least 15 different technologies and features that we are looking to launch in our upcoming boards. The best way to find out when a new feature launches is to sign up for our newsletter.
You advertise personalized boards, what makes them personalized?

At the moment we offer personalization on the board color, fin configuration, and size. With that being said, we are currently working behind the scenes to start offering different graphics and materials of construction. Being a relatively new brand we are working to expand our capabilities every day. If you have any recommendations on what you would like to see in the future please let us know and we will work to start getting those into our boards.

How do I know if my order has shipped?

You should receive an email letting you know when your order has shipper. Additionally, if you created an account, you can simply log in to check the status of your order. If you forgot your account information, follow the prompts to reset and validate your information from the email sent OR contact our customer service team at to get assistance.

I never got an confirmation email...
Here a the steps to help you find your email:

  1. Check your JUNK / SPAM folder.
  2. If you still don’t see your email, please contact our customer service team ( with the following information: First Name and Last NameFull address (House #, Street, Town, ZIP code)
Who's eligible for the Military & First Responder discount?
Active military members, along with spouses and dependents from the same household. Reservist military members and veterans are also eligible.

First Responders including firefighters, law enforcement, search and rescue, EMTs, and nurses and doctors.
What other technologies are in the pipeline?
We have at least 15 different technologies and features that we are looking to launch in our upcoming boards. The best way to find out when a new feature launches is to sign up for our newsletter.


How do I become a Smith Board Co Ambassador?

Smith Board Co is actively seeking brand ambassadors to spread the word about Smith Board Co. Our ambassadors represent the brand on water, on social media, and just about anywhere surfers like to hang. 

Head over to our Ambassadors page or click the link HERE to apply. 

What do I get as an ambassador?
All Smith Board Co Ambassadors get :
  • A FREE Smith Board Co T-Shirt
  • 25% off Wakesurf Boards and Gear
  • 10% of all attribultable sales
Ambassador Must Haves
  1. Passion: Must be passionate about wakesufing and the Smith Board Co brand
  2. Outgoing: Will talk to anyone about wakesurfing and Smith Board Co
  3. Well Connected: Tapped into the biggest social media networks
  4. Creative: Great with a camera and editing software


Is the giveaway legit?

Yes! We are legally administered by ViralSweep LLC. who ensures that we are legally compliant and giveaways are conducted in a fair and honest fashion. 

Who is eligible to win?

Our giveaways are open only to legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States (excludes Florida, New York, Alaska and Hawaii), the District of Columbia who are at the legal age majority (18 years old in most states) in the state/province/territory in which they reside.

How do I enter the current giveaway?

It's easy to enter our giveaway. Every $1 spent in our store will get you 1 entry and in some cases you could get more! For example, if you buy one of our boards at $999 you get a 10X multiplier and will receive 9990 entries!All entries are automatically calculated at checkout and monitored by our administrator throughout the giveaway. Our entering process is easy! Every $1 spent in our store will get you entries to win! For example if the current entry multiplier is 10X and you spend $100 on merchandise - you will receive 1000 Entries to Win!!

All entries are automatically calculated by our system at checkout and sent to our Sweepstakes Administrator for the winner drawing once the giveaway ends!

I placed an order, how do I know if I'm entered?
Once you complete checkout your entries will be automatically calculated and recorded. Entries will  also be combined across orders!
How do I know how many entries I have?
Checking your entry count is simple! You can login into your account to view it or just send an email to our support team,!
Does the winner ever have to pay to retrieve the prize?
The prize winner will NEVER have to pay to receive a prize. If you are being asked to pay to receive your prize you are being scammed. Check out our "Avoid Scammers" page to learn more.