Smith Board Co Pros

Our pros are fundamental to our innovation process and the Smith Board Co brand. We draw inspiration from our elite roster and are thankful to have the following wakesurfers representing Smith Board Co.
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Ryan DiPietro

I have been surfing for 4 years now and primarily riding skim style for 3. My love for the sport kicked off after finding out that a professional wake surfer lived on the other side of town from me and we connected for a lesson. After seeing what the professional side of the sport looked like I was determined to push myself as far as I could. Once I heard about how Smith Board Co. was approaching wakesurf board technology from a different angle than anyone else, I knew that I had to become a part of the team because they have the ability to help me reach the next level of my riding. The combination of technology and support from Smith Board Co. as well as my desire to spread wakesurfing in the Northeast makes for a connection that is bound to make waves in the industry.
What first drew you to wakesurfing, and how has your passion for the sport evolved over time?
My desire to start wakesurfing started after the trips to the ocean became frustrating, waiting for good conditions and to find other people to join me for the 1.5 hour trip each way. Growing up on a lake and first hearing about wakesurfing seemed like the remedy for both of those problems. From the first time I dropped the rope the fire was lit and I wanted to spread the stoke with everyone I could. From that day I have taught numerous people including family, friends, and clients all over the northeast. Nothing is as rewarding as seeing the smiles of others as they experience the thrill of dropping the rope for the first time.
What's the most challenging trick you've ever landed, and what are you currently working on mastering?
Easily the front three shuv. This trick took so many attempts and I kept getting frustratingly close each time. When I landed it, my friends in the boat tackled me into the water, leaving me with one of the best memories I have when landing a trick for the first time. As far as what I'm currently working on, I am trying to land a Hail-Mary (backside 360 body varial) and I'm also working on Gumby-shuvs.
What advice would you give to aspiring wakesurfers who want to progress their skills?
Don’t be afraid of falling and use the time in between runs to think about what to do differently the next run.
What are you most looking forward to achieving as a Smith Board Co pro rider?
I’m most looking forward to spreading wakesurfing in the Northeast and progressing to be the best surfer I can be. I know that SBC has the technology and expertise to help me reach the highest level of surfing possible.

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