Our First Lineup Of Boards Have Been Designed
By Dakota S

We have been hard at work over here at Smith Board Co! Since ending our Kickstarter campaign we have been working diligently to design and manufacture our first lineup. We've gone through multiple iterations, simulated the designs using state of the art fluid dynamics modelling software and arrived at our first designs! 

Wakesurf board design

Next Steps

Now that we have the underlying design built out we will be starting to work with our manufacturing partner to have the first lineup built. The process will take some time to ensure that the quality and unique manufacturing methods are to the utmost standard.

Once our boards have been manufactured we will do a soft launch to get our boards in your hands to try out ASAP. We want your feedback as soon as possible so that we can start designing our next lineup and continue to push the bounds of innovation. 

Check back soon for more project updates!