Manufacturing Has Started!

Manufacturing Has Started!

More great things are happening over here at Smith Board Co! Along with putting the finishing touches on version 1.0 of the Build Your Board™ experience we've started manufacturing our first round of board. 

The Build Your Board™ Experience

One of our core pillars here at Smith Board Co is personalization. We believe that every rider should be riding a board that is best suited to them. No more of this one size fits all that traditional board manufacturers have been pawning off. You all deserve better than that. 

Behind the scenes here we have been working to build out our online Build Your Board™ experience. Through a combination of custom personalization tools to flows built to help you find your best board, we are doing everything we can to get you having the best ride of your life. In the following weeks we aim to have our version 1.0 experience up and ready for you to start interacting with. 

2023 Lineup Manufacturing

To couple with our Build Your Board™ experience we have also been busy making our first lineup of boards to support our personalization. Over the past couple weeks, boards have started to come out of the shop and it is our goal to have enough boards to launch in a little over a month. Check back soon to see some of the cool content that we are currently creating around the first boards to come out of Smith Board Co!

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