The Smith Board Co Solution
By Dakota S

The Problem

A day spent out on the lake is better than doing just about anything else – except for the times when my wakesurf board setup doesn't seem to be riding right. Nothing is worse than trying to stay up on the wake’s sweet spot and, despite everything I try, falling off (only to see my little brother follow me up, and voila! He's pulling 360's and shove-its like it's nothing). 


That's when I realized how important the board’s build is to a rider’s individual experience; nobody should be surfing anything other than a board personalized to their riding style. 


Let’s say that you're a 230 pound guy who likes to pull tricks and crazy spins. You're not going to want to ride the same surf-style board that your 5”3 wife can cruise on, because no two surfers are the same. Your board should reflect how you ride, no matter your size.


We started looking for sets of boards ranging in size and body-type spectrums, but all we found were “one size fits all” cookie-cutter shapes, the same boards just slapped with different graphics. As engineers, we thought: let’s create something different, something that pushes industry boundaries. What new can be done on the wake? Your iPhone innovates every year, so why not your wakesurf board?

The Problem

The Solution

Smith Board Co. was born out of the need for something different, because the status quo wasn’t cutting it. We’re chasing fulfillment, and came up with a two-part plan to give every rider their perfect day out on the water.  


Firstly, we’re implementing the Build Your Board™ experience; think Nike shoe customization, but translated to wakeboarding based on your size, riding style, and more. Forget about riding a board that some guy in a surf shop thought you might like; now, your wakesurf board will perform exactly the way you want.

Build Your Board

Secondly, we’re introducing continuous innovation to a creatively stagnant industry. By implementing ongoing cycles of design, every board launch from Smith Board Co. will produce state-of-the-art products propelled by in-house engineering.  Thanks to the expertise of our engineers, the boards will be made via flow dynamics research, utilizing the same practices used in aerospace, automotive industry finishes and medical device materials, just to name a few avenues. By looking beyond  the wakesurfing world, we will redevelop what other leading industries are doing to bring you your best day out on the water. 

Continuous Innovation

Check back soon for more updates to the project!

- Dakota, Cofounder of Smith Board Co