The Perfect Pro
By Dakota Smith

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Perfect ≠ Perfection

What makes a perfect pro wakesurfer? Is it someone who can land a big grab shuv? Maybe you’re thinking it’s an athlete who’s won multiple competitions? Perhaps some of you are even thinking that it’s an athlete who is pushing the boundaries on what tricks can be done on a wakesurf board. And while all of those are right to some degree they miss the point of what it means to be the perfect pro. Here at Smith Board Co, what makes the perfect pro wakesurf athlete is a willingness and hunger to improve. The wakesurf athletes that we look to bring on to our team are those that are committed to chasing perfection knowing that it is impossible to ever get there. 

“committed to chasing perfection knowing that it is impossible to ever get there”

It is the same ethos that we look for in everyone that is involved with Smith Board Co. We want pro wakesurf athletes who are willing to work hard every day at their craft. Athletes who are willing to learn from their mistakes and to use those same mistakes to drive their improvement forward. At the end of the day we are looking for someone who’s not out to beat the competition but is there to beat themselves every single day. We understand that there’s no such thing as perfect and those that want to go down in history are those that are here for the process. This mindset is fundamental to everything that we are doing here at Smith Board Co. In our products, in our people, and ultimately in our perfect pros.

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