Sustainability - How We Are Doing Are Part For The Planet
By Dakota S

We want sustainability to be built into the fabric of how we do business. The water and ecosystems we surf on are integral; we don’t think it’s right how other water sports companies have contributed to the pollution of these spaces.

Water Conservation

To address this, we’re going to identify and work in tandem with conservation initiatives to ensure that the places we love to surf remain healthy and intact. With current drought conditions in the American Southwest threatening the water levels in our rivers and lakes, Smith Board Co. is set on collaborating with water conservation groups from both a fiscal and marketing initiative.

How we are doing our part for the planet

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Secondly, we will utilize recyclable materials throughout our manufacturing process so that you can feel good about your new board.  Along with minimizing and designing out our non-recyclable waste, we will put together a board recycling program to keep trash out of landfills.