Starting With Why? A Look Into Questions That Drive Us Everyday
By Dakota S

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Why does a shorter board spin easier? Why are there fins at the back of the board and not the front? Why do harder rails bite into the wave while soft rails have more of a float feel to them? These are just some of the questions that led us to start Smith Board Co and which we ask ourselves on a regular basis.

Our Commitment To Innovation

At Smith Board Co, our journey began with a passion for wakesurfing and a relentless curiosity about the mechanics of the sport. Every board we design is a testament to our quest for understanding and our commitment to innovation. We believe that by asking the right questions, we can not only enhance the wakesurfing experience but also foster a deeper connection between the rider and the wave.

So, why does a shorter board spin easier? It's all about the physics of rotation. Shorter boards have a smaller rotational inertia, making them easier to maneuver and spin. This is why our lineup includes a variety of sizes, catering to riders who love to perform tricks and those who prefer a smoother, more stable ride.

The placement of fins on a wakesurf board significantly affects its handling. Fins at the back help in stabilizing the tail, offering better control and tracking in the water. This is crucial for maintaining direction and speed, especially during sharp turns and cuts. At Smith Board Co, we experiment with different fin setups to find the perfect balance between control and freedom.

The design of the board's rails – whether hard or soft – plays a crucial role in how the board interacts with the water. Harder rails provide more grip and responsiveness, allowing for precise movements and sharper turns. On the other hand, soft rails offer a smoother, more forgiving ride, ideal for beginners or those who prefer a laid-back surfing style. Our diverse range of board designs reflects our understanding of these nuances, ensuring there's a Smith Board for every kind of wakesurfer.

Innovation and Sustainability

But our quest for answers doesn't stop at board design. We're constantly exploring new materials and technologies to make our boards lighter, stronger, and more environmentally friendly. We collaborate with athletes and enthusiasts, taking their feedback to heart, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in wakesurf board manufacturing.

Smith Board Co isn't just about creating high-quality wakesurf boards; it's about fostering a community of riders who share our passion and curiosity. We host events, workshops, and demos, offering a platform for wakesurfers to connect, learn, and grow together.

More Than Just Boards

The questions we ask ourselves daily don't just drive our company; they fuel a broader conversation in the wakesurfing community. By understanding the 'whys' behind board design and performance, we empower riders to make informed choices and ultimately enhance their experience on the water. At Smith Board Co, we're not just building boards; we're building a movement, driven by curiosity, innovation, and a shared love for the sport. Join us in our journey!

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