Kickstarter - Week #2 Update
By Dakota S
Wow! We can't believe that it's already been two weeks since we launched Smith Board Co on Kickstarter. The amount of support that we have seen over the past two weeks has been incredible, you all are what makes Smith Board Co so special. As we look forward to another week of moving this project forward check out some of the work that we have been up to in the previous week.


  • Posted regularly on social media platforms
  • Narrowed scope of google ads campaign to target audience closer
  • Adjusted meta ads campaign based on results of A/B testing
  • Created new A/B test on Meta ads to filter audience
  • Kicked off discussions around 2023 marketing plan


  • Initiated final audits of manufacturing partners


  • Incorporated industry data including sales, geography, and ad spend into revenue model
  • Build out 5 year projections on balance sheets


  • Tested skim board prototype
  • Initiated discussions with innovation partner to develop models of prototypes

"Build Your Board"

  • Initiated discussions with dev partner to build out features
Continue to check back for more updates to the Smith Board Co project!
- The Smith Board Co Team